8 Signs Your Guppy is About to Deliver

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Your guppy has been pregnant for about three weeks now, and you know that the delivery is coming any day now. You’re excited but also nervous because you don’t remember the pregnant guppy signs of delivery. We’ve got you covered!

We’ve compiled a list of signs that will happen to your pregnant guppy before she delivers. Watch for these signs closely, especially if she’s at the end of her gestation period.

8 Signs Your Guppy is About to Deliver

1. Her Shape Begins to Change

One of the easiest pregnant guppy signs of delivery to spot is the change in the shape of your guppy.

Female guppies get a lot more bulky, and they start to take on a boxy shape on their abdomen. If you have other guppies in the tank, it’s best to look for this change before you feed all the other fish.

Sometimes the other guppies’ stomachs might become distended after feeding time. This may make it a lot more challenging for you to differentiate between a pregnant belly and a full belly.

2. The Gravid Spot Darkens

The gravid spot on guppies tends to have a triangular shape, and it’s located near the anus. This spot gradually darkens and enlarges throughout the entire pregnancy. 

When a guppy is about to deliver, you’ll notice that the gravid spot becomes a lot darker, almost even black. If your guppy is albino or yellow, you can be on the lookout for the gravid spot to be pink or orange.

3. Drastic Change in Her Eating Habits

Sometimes pregnant guppies will have a significant change in their eating habits right before delivery. This can be habits like refusing to eat or even spitting out food. You may notice a complete change from when she first became pregnant, as she may have been eating a lot more food than normal.

4. She Becomes Inactive

A female guppy might be preparing for delivery, if she becomes unusually still or decides to sit in one place and forfeit swimming. You’ll probably find her near the heater or a corner of your fish tank that allows her to hide and isolate herself.

5. She Starts Trying to Camouflage

The guppy may not be able to go completely incognito, but her color will begin to fade a little as it gets close to delivery time. It’s her natural instinct to help her camouflage with her surroundings and further isolate herself from other fish.

6. Her Anxiety Begins to Increases

A female guppy that gets extremely anxious when you come near her is likely preparing for delivery. To calm her anxiety, it’s best to provide her with a few hiding spots. Taking a quick trip to the locak pet store and getting some plants and other decorations could greatly benefit her during this time.

7. Aggression Begins to Increase

Female guppies who are about to give birth will become aggressive and agitated. She might start nipping the fins of males who are looking to mate with her. She could also begin to chase them if they keep bothering her. This is one reason why separation right before and during birth is so important.

8. She’ll Look Like She’s Shivering

When you notice your pregnant guppy flex her spin to point her tail upwards, you might think she’s shivering or just deciding to swim in place. However, this is an indicator that she’s having a contraction and ready to deliver any minute!

You might find this to be one of the most exciting signs that a pregnant guppy is about to deliver. It’s the sign that comes right before delivery, so you know that the pregnancy is definitely coming to an end, and soon, she’ll have her babies.


Some of the signs are easier to spot than others, but it’s important to watch very closely. Guppies are known to eat their fry right after delivery. Leaving your guppy unattended because the delivery signs had gone unnoticed will leave her fry susceptible to be eaten.

Studying your guppy throughout all the changes in her pregnancy will surely help you identify if anything has gone amiss before delivery. You’ll be able to take all the necessary precautions for her to have a safe and beautiful birth.

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